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Starting in May, 2022, CBRR will offer a paid teaching position through the shop. To finance the post, CBRR is hosting a Teacher Fund(ay) on Saturday, May 14th starting at 5PM. 


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Song Phang Kong, a Thai restaurant and shop neighbor, will prepare food for 20 people. Everyone is invited to eat for a "free price": pay what you want, pay what you can. 

Dishes available: 

  • Papaya salad

  • Veggie pad Thai

  • Fried chicken


Racing on the Fund(ay) begins at 5:30pm. The race consists of four heats, each which starts and finishes at the shop. In each heat, racers will leave the shop and race to a single checkpoint in the city, meet with a checkpoint worker, then return to the shop to secure a finishing position. 

The more heats riders compete in, the more points riders win. Riders can race in just one or in all four heats. Prizes will be awarded for top finishers in each heat, as well as for racers with the most overall points in the "general classification" category.

Prizes were contributed by various businesses that share an address with the shop on S Jackson St or are close neighbors. A major thank you to Viet Wah supermarket, Phin Cafe, Phở Bắc Sup Shop, Istumono gastropub, the Pastry Project, Temple Pastries and Peloton Cafe who all offered generous gift cards to the racers, as well as Villanelle floral company, who is making garlands for the GC race winners.



Three makers will make their crafts and pieces available for sale during the Fund(ay).

Darien from Aerosol Media Group will present hand painted bicycle accessories, the Twin Dragons at Beacon Seattle will have crewnecks and frame bags available and Yes from Smash the Box will feature hand engraved wood carvings. 

In addition to the the maker stands, CBRR is opening its vaults and hoping to sell as many new and used components, consumables, wheel sets, fork+frame assemblies and complete bicycles. 

To preview the stock that will be for sale, click here: CBRR Fund(ay) Sale


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