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Set Up

Remove packs.


Steady the frame with wheels upright. If possible, hang bicycle from the saddle

Seating the wheels

With wheels on the ground: starting with the rear wheel, open quick release lever (QR) or thru axle (TA). With wheel loose, wiggle rim without unseating the wheel. Retighten the QR or TA.


With one wheel of the bicycle held off the ground: spin each wheel forwards. Listen for rubbing. Pump the brakes.

Check tire pressure

Squeeze tires, inflate if needed.

Inspect tires for trash.

Drop test, seat and bar check

In turns, lift the front wheel then the rear tire 4" above the road, let fall. Tap around the bicycle (kitty test) to identify loose bolts

Grab and twist seat and handlebar to test clamp tightness

Derailleur low limit check

With rear wheel in the air: pedal forward. Using "bottle opener" hand, push chain as far towards the center line as the lower limit allows.


Check for gap between derailleur cage and wheel spokes.


Tighten lower limit screw to increase the gap between cage and spokes.

Shifting Diagnostic


Chain position 1: resting position, furthest from center line.

Chain position 2: next to and inboard from 1. 

Chain position 3: next to and inboard from 2. 

Find the barrel adjuster along the rear shifter cable route. There is likely one attached to the derailleur where the derailleur and cable housing meet. 

Run the diagnosis

With rear wheel in the air: pedal forward. Start with chain in position 1. Use rear shifter lever to make one click. Observe chain movement.


Pedal forward, shift one click. Observe chain movement. 



Pedal forward. Open the barrel adjuster by unscrewing it. Open the barrel adjuster until chain moves from 1-2. 

Once chain is in position 2, use shifter to test moving chain from 2 to 1. If chain returns to 1, push shifter lever one click to test moving the chain from 1 to 2.

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