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Classes teach riders the fundamentals of bicycle repair. We explore how bicycles work and how to work on them. No experience necessary, riders bring your own bicycle.


Cost: pay what you want, pay what you can.

Traditional Repairs

Riders can use the form below to set up an appointment. Repair work is always completed the same day you bring in your bicycle. 


Apprentices can sign up to spent two Tuesdays in the shop learning to complete the disassembly and reassembly of shop bicycles. Use the form below to share your contact, the cost of the apprenticeship is pay what you want, pay what you can.


Push, Pull, Spin, Tighten: Intro to Bicycle Repair
Fix-A-Flat and Brake Pad Adjustment
Tuesday: Build-A-Bike

Thank you, we will be in touch shortly by email

Saturday and Sundays

Space for 5 students in each intro class.


Next up:
Sunday 12/3 from 10-1

Sunday 12/10 from 10-1

This course is also called "Push, Pull, Spin, Tighten".


The goal is to understand how a bicycle functions, and how to repair bicycles, in the simplest terms possible.  This class is hands on and will introduce you to the tools and techniques used for most repairs.

Bring your own bicycle and bring a friend if you'd like.  

Interested in signing up? please fill out the form above.

Better Braking in Under an Hour

Space for 5 students in each braking class.


Next up:
Tuesday 11/21 from 6-7pm

Tuesday 11/20 from 6-7pm

We’d like to share a few simple ways to improve your braking, which can be done with simple tools in under an hour.    


We’ll get the bikes into repair stands, check up on the brakes, then learn how to make one or two simple adjustments that will improve the braking performance.  

Tuesday evenings

Space for 3 students in this clinic. 

Next up:

Tuesday 12/5 6-8:30pm

This clinic focuses on wheel work, which includes: examining wheels for damage, evaluating bearing smoothness and tuning the wheel spokes. 


Students work on their own wheels and use the shop's truing stands

Tuesday evenings

Space for 4 students in this clinic.


Next up: ?

Students learn how to examine braking systems for problems and how to replace brake pads.  Rim and disc brakes are welcome. 

Students will replace at least one pair of brake pads during this clinic. Brake pads sets are available for purchase through the shop. 

no upcoming clinics

Space for four riders to come into the shop and replace their bottom bracket bearing assembly. Loose ball, cartridge, ISIS or press-fit: whatever you are run, come learn how to remove crank arms, remove  bottom brackets and install replacements. 

C4BR will provide replacement bottom brackets at cost to students.

no upcoming clinics

Space for five riders to attend a class focused on removing air bubbles from brake lines, aka bleeding hydraulic brake systems.

C4BR will provide the various tools, equipment and fluid necessary to bleed all brands of brake set-ups. 

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