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We put tools into the hands of riders. Riders bring their own bicycles to learn and to work on, no experience necessary.

Riders tend to spend 1-3 hours in the shop.

Cost is pay what you want, pay what you can.

Dates and times of upcoming group classes and clinics are posted on the calendar below. Use the sign up form at the bottom of the page to register for a class.

Classes and Clinics

Classes introduce riders the fundamentals of bicycle repair. Students gain a better understanding of how their bicycle works by working through modules designed by C4BR. 

Clinics guide riders through replacing parts of their bicycles, such as brake pads, bottom bracket bearings or chains.

Guided Repairs

Guided repair classes walk riders through the same kinds of repairs that are traditionally offered by bicycle shops. Riders pick the time and pick what to work on. 

Saturday and Sundays

There is space for 5 students in each intro class. Upcoming classes in March:
Saturday 3/18 from 1-4pm (waitlist onl
Sunday 3/26 from 1-4pm

April classes:
Saturday 4/15 from 10am-1pm
Saturday 4/22 from 10am-1pm

This class is hands-on, students work through a curriculum designed to help them understand bicycle work and using common tools. Students learn to think and work holistically on consumables, controllers and components, points of contact, drivetrain, bearings and wheels. 

Interested in signing up? please fill out the form below and we will contact you. 

Tuesday, 3/28

On Tuesday, 3/28 from 6-8p, there is space for five students to come into the shop and work through replacing their brake pads. Students learn to test the health of the braking surface, remove brake pads (disc and rim) and set up new brake pads.

Both rim and disc brake setups are welcome!

no upcoming clinics

Space for four riders to come into the shop and replace their bottom bracket bearing assembly. Loose ball, cartridge, ISIS or press-fit: whatever you are run, come learn how to remove crank arms, remove  bottom brackets and install replacements. 

C4BR will provide replacement bottom brackets at cost to students.

no upcoming clinics

Space for five riders to attend a class focused on removing air bubbles from brake lines, aka bleeding hydraulic brake systems.

C4BR will provide the various tools, equipment and fluid necessary to bleed all brands of brake set-ups. 


Intro to Bicycle Repair
Brake Pad Clinic

Thank you, we will be in touch shortly by email

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