There are two options for repair work in the shop: 

1. Let a mechanic repair your bicycle

2. Complete repairs yourself alongside a mechanic

If you are interested in #2, please use this form to sign up for a repair time. 


Shifting, chains and cogs

$20-40: chains

$30-80: cassettes

$25-60: bottom brackets

$40-80: chain rings

$15: cable and housing replacement

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Braking, wheels and tires 

$30-80: tires

$70-150: wheels

$20-50: rim/disc brake pads

$75: wheel truing and bearing adjust

$20: cable and housing replacement


Steering and cockpit

$25-60: handlebars

$30-80: stems

$40-120: headset

$100-200: shifting/brake levers

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$150-500: group set upgrade

$100-300: swap parts to a new frame